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One of the strongest points in how Amberin Fur & Associates work is how we look at the patients problem.

We try to understand the whole picture, not only being focused on the issue, also understanding the impact it may cause on the patients life: work, social life, family and also in the emotional side, giving advice where needed and the most importantly, support.

Their role as practitioners and interest for osteopathy doesn’t stop in their clinic hours, they spend many hours developing their careers, always trying to keep updated with the latest research, and learning new approaches to help their patients.

The high standard of treatment in conjunction with their exceptionally caring touch are the key of the huge success rate that Amberin and Laura have with their patients.


Amberin Fur

Founder / Director

BSc Hons Ost, DO, DIP WHO (MIH), LFHom

Amberin Fur has been involved in Lifestyle Medicine primarily through her passion and training over her 25 year osteopathic career.  In her quest for helping and serving her patients she established a multidisciplinary clinic 20 years back, bringing together a variety of approaches with the aim to support her patients and work cohesively through to health.

She has since opened another clinic in Mayfair, Central London focusing on providing a premium service and collaborating with experts to deliver a 360 approach to the health of her clients.

Through her experiences, she has found certain factors to be crucial in the care of each individual to underpin the changes needed for optimum health, and to reestablish the body’s efficiency.  She relies on quality laboratory testing using functional medicine methodology, good nutritional support and incorporates new developing technology to help support the patient in a more well rounded way inclusive of their lifestyles.

Her approach to Lifestyle medicine, is a combination of ‘humanware and hardware’.  The abundant data available is drawn upon and used in context to the patient’s lifestyle, presenting symptoms, and genetic predisposition.  This can be as extensive or minimal as required.  The aim is to draw on areas which need support to restore balance in the body and mind and allow for optimum health.

Amberin trained as an osteopath in 1993 at the now University College of Osteopathy, where she went on to teach technique for many years.  She is widely considered a leader in her field.  She currently acts as Vice-Chair on the Osteopathic Alliance (OA). The OA is a collection of the country’s post graduate osteopathic institutions aimed to advise on the policies and direction of the future of osteopathy.

Amberin’s experience has been varied; it has been shaped in elite sport (London 2012 Olympic Games, British Gymnastics Medical Team), performing arts (Cirque du Soleil, The 7 fingers), strengthened by her commitment to further training and post graduate courses.  She has studied under leaders in the fields and has incorporated medical acupuncture, medical homeopathy, and functional medicine.  Further honing her skills to compliment her practice of Lifestyle medicine.

Amberin has created successful clinics both in London and Internationally treating newborns to nobility.  She currently holds her clinic in Mayfair the heart of London. Through the years Amberin has been described as ‘more’ than an Osteopath but she holds true that Osteopathy is at the core of Lifestyle Medicine.  Her patients best describe her treatments as embarking on a journey.



Laura Sierra

Laura joined the team at Amberin Fur and Associates, Osteopathic Consultancy in 2013 with 9 years experience of Osteopathy and Physiotherapy In Barcelona, Spain.

Laura holds a specific interest in working with a holistic sense of the body using both a Cranial
and Classical Osteopathy approach. She is diligent in trying to find the best and most effective treatment, tailored for each patient. She assesses the body meticulously to understand the complaints of her patients and takes time to tackle their ailments and conditions.

Laura’s holistic approach is complimented by advice about posture, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations assisting our patients to get involved in the recovery. Her approach uses both gentle but at the same time deep techniques that produce strong changes in the body.

Laura has undergone postgraduate training in Classical Osteopathy as well as Paediatric
Osteopathy. She developed her skills further in a unit specialised in expectant mothers, kids and
gynaecological patients, working closely with Obstetricians, Paediatricians and other specialised Doctors.

Laura now heads the Family clinic here at Osteopathic Consultancy, focussing on babies and young children through to teenage years.

Laura endeavours to give comfort and support to both expectant mothers and has a special
interest in helping babies and children in their development and growth. She continues to
update her skills in these fields to offer a gold standard of treatment as patients have come to expect of Osteopathic Consultancy.


Harry Jameson

Rehab Specialist
Personal Trainer

Providing an intense level of one-on-one training and fitness development, Harry’s approach to fitness is specific to the needs of the client. Harry has over 10 years’ experience in personal training as well as strength and conditioning coaching, and it is this wealth of experience that has elevated his status as one of the top personal trainers in London. This is amply reflected by his impressive client list comprises of leaders from the worlds of business, sports, finance and entertainment.

Working with people of all ages, Harry provides in depth assessment, professional coaching and education, goal setting and the motivation necessary to assist clients in reaching their goals. His degree in sports science and psychology from Liverpool University (graduated with honours) has provided him the skills and ethos to help his clients invoke real behavioural change into their lives and the way in which they train. In utilising sophisticated motivational techniques specific to the client Harry is able to facilitate the individual in overcoming challenges both in the gym and in day to day life.

In addition to his personal clientele, Harry is the exclusive health and fitness expert forEsquire magazine UK where he writes a monthly column (as well as additional feature articles and product testing) consulting on all health and fitness matters. Harry has also become the personal trainer du-jour for Quintessentially, a global private members luxury lifestyle company where he takes care of many of their top Elite members both in London and internationally. Harry also holds a close working relationship with top Harley street clinicViavi which cements his status as one of the most highly networked individuals within the sports and training industry. Due to the nature of his clientele Harry is very familiar with the expectations of the high end client and adheres strictly to the highest standards of practice, professionalism and discretion.

Katy Dickson

Katy is an Occupational Therapist with over 20 years of experience, in both the public and private sector and key member of Amberin Fur and Associates Lfstyl Team.  The breadth and depth of her professional career to date is diverse and includes extensive clinical grounding in a number of fields, including rehabilitation, adult and older adult, mental health and forensic services.

Katy has successfully undertaken multiple senior positions, working as a Professional Directorate lead, Service Manager, Quality Improvement facilitator and programme Manager, and leadership roles within large-scale change programmes. Other areas of expertise include, Planned Care – Diagnostics and Orthopaedics, Cancer, Urgent and Emergency Care, Children and Young People Services, Quality Improvement methodology and Systemic Leadership.

One of the most exciting aspects of being an Occupational Therapist is working to restore balance in a person’s life, therefore there is no restriction to how you can work with a person because it all centres around what holds meaning and how to carve a road back to wellness. Connecting her passion for working with change and transformation to her core values as an Occupational Therapist, Katy returned to a clinical role which enables her to provide holistic treatment programs encompassing body, mind and environment which draws together her years of experience and skill set.

Katy holds a functional movement clinic but is also the key contact for enquiries regarding electromagnetic consultancy service and CBT for Insomnia.

For all referral enquiries please contact

To liaise with Katy directly please email:

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Caroline Waters

Caroline has an integral role within the Amberin Fur and Associates Lfstyl team.

As Technical Assistant Caroline is responsible for carrying out the non-evasive diagnostic testing that underpins the AFA LFSTYL offer, providing an all important baseline and insight in to a person’s health and wellbeing. Caroline also provides essential technical support to the team and ensures our cutting-edge technology is in good working order to deliver seamless, excellent evidence-based services to our clients.

After graduating from Leads University with a BSc (First), Caroline started her career in a very different field – Fashion Buying.  However, it is through her personal experience of living with and managing a life-long chronic illness that Caroline has first-hand insights and a deep-rooted passion for working with others to bring about positive changes to health and lifestyle.

Caroline Waters Technical Assistant –